Monday, August 8, 2016

Summertime Florals

It's that time for me to say hi and omg, I haven't been on here forever because life and reasons. You know, the same thing I do every few months. After deciding, yes, I want to get back into blogging, then just falling off again. These photos were taken and edited TWO months ago lol. I can do better than this lol.Get your shit together, Ashleigh. I think two years ago I shot at this same tree (post here) and the tree was BLOOMING so beautiful. Idora and I were impatiently waiting for it to bloom like that time again to no avail. Everything that was blooming started to die so we shot while we could. We also shot close to night time so we got some cool tones in this set. Enjoy!

Hopefully you'll see new photos next week? (Don't cross your fingers)

Necklace/Dress(I THINK): ShopLunaB
Moon Rings: COMING SOON on ShopLunaMarie
Sandals/Bracelets: Forever 21

Photography: Idora Yasin
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dancing in the desert, blowing up the sunshine

I've already failed my goal of trying to post throughout the week. Life happens every time. I'm still sick non stop and my daughters 6th birthday just passed so I was stressing/focused on that. 

This was the shoot that I loved the most and was anticipating posting the most, so I'm so happy to finally be doing it. This is the second time Idora and I shot with smoke bombs and it came out just as magical as the first time. Now I'm looking back at all those pictures and I'm currently being nostalgic about how fabulous I was. Le sigh.

Anyway, clothes. That's why we're here, right? Lol. I love, love, love, love this dress set. I obviously love the colour, I love the style, the detail trimmings. It's perfectly feminine/boho/edgy, which makes me a happy gal. Styling it came effortlessly; looking back, I wish I wore more chunky bangles to stand out with the necklace. C'est la vie. The pieces look adorable together, but I love versatility. Both of these would easily look great with other pieces of clothing and I'm excited to style them in the future. 

Also, yes, I know, there are A LOT of photos again, but, they are woooooorth it.

Dress Set:
Necklace/Sandals: ShopLunaB
Elephant Tattoo: Flash Tattoos bought from ShopLunaB
Caged Bralette: GoJane

Photography: Idora Yasin
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