Friday, March 20, 2015

Baby Bloom

I can't believe tomorrow I'll be 27 weeks! The clock is ticking way too fast. I'm nervous/anxious/excited all in one. One thing I'm trying to do to beat that clock is work on my jewelry. Finding the hours in the day is what's difficult, between being full time, and balancing out time with my daughter for school/activities and then everyday things like dinner and cleaning. By the time I'm done with all that I'm exhausted but I have to fight through it. I'm wearing a gold plated amethyst cluster ring and two necklaces that I made in this outfit. One is a gold plated shark tooth and the other, a quartz cluster, also plated gold. I'm soon excited to release it but I still have so much to do. If I keep on grinding, I'm anticipating sometime next month :D

Hat/Shirt/Blazer/Jeans: Forever 21
Bracelet: Nasty Gal
Necklaces/Ring: Luna Marie
Shoes: Target

I fell in love with this wall

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

London's School Lunches Part 1

So, I posted a few times about nutrition and how important it is to me. I've been wanting to  incorporate nutrition/lifestyle into my fashion blog so here's the beginning of that. 

For the most part, I've been a pretty healthy eater. Meats were a part of my diet, because that's how I was raised. In my early 20s, I decided to remove any meat that came from pig from my diet. Mainly because I was never fond of it, but also because of how horrible it is for you. About a year ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who's a nutritionist. She is a pescetarian herself. She was explaining why she chose that diet and how certain meats affected your body, along with what's exactly IN cows milk. After this conversation, I did a bit of research myself and decided to cut out all meats and just try a pescetarian diet for a bit and also stopped drinking cows milk. I've never been fond of beef, so removing that was easy(and I grew up eating steak and potatoes at least twice a week because, again, that's how I was raised.)Chicken was the one I knew would be somewhat difficult to live without.

I did the pescetarian diet for a few months, perhaps. In that time, my taste buds expanded tremendously. I ate fish/fruit/vegetables that I never wanted to try before. I loved it. My body still craved chicken, so eventually, I ate some. I began incorporating it back into my diet, but ate a lot less than I used to.

Since my taste buds broadened so much, I became more and more obsessed with health and nutrition and what was being put into my body and how it affected me. I looked more into cows milk and how much puss was inside of it, which milk alternative is best, concentrated juice vs non concentrated juice, how there are so many hormones being put into the meats we eat and how harmful they are for us(especially the younger society,) farm raised vs wild caught fish, organic vs non organic and I feel like the most overlooked thing, THE INGREDIENTS in the food you consume.

Everyone is so brain washed to look at the back of a box/canned good and read how many calories/sugars are in it. What people never look at, is what's INSIDE that box; what are the ingredients. Majority of what's out there have so many unnecessary ingredients that we can't even pronounce. If you were to cook that recipe at home, you wouldn't add any of those ingredients. So why are they being put into our food and why are you eating them? My general rule of them is, to buy goods with as little ingredients as possible AND have ones I can pronounce/recognize and if the list is incredibly long(go look at the back of a box of cereal,) it's a no go for me.

I decided to live a processed free diet, as much as I possibly could. I did eventually lose interest in eating meat, my body no longer craved chicken, so I no longer eat chicken. Before pregnancy, I decided that wild caught fish would be the only animal I would consume. Now that I'm pregnant, I have no interest for fish; I've been eating a vegetarian diet. Idk if that'll change afterward, but, morally, I don't feel right about it. I wasn't sure if I should have my daughter do the same. As of right now, she doesn't eat a lot of chicken(chicken and fish are the only meats she eats) but if she does have chicken, it's free range, organic and natural. Of course the processed free diet is incorporated into my daughters life as well. I've always been strict on what I allow her to have, but now I'm able to make much better decisions for her and she's learning/having her tastes buds expand along the way with me(getting my husband to follow along is the hard part lol.)

Her school offers an organic lunch at a very reasonable cost($80 a month.) I loved it because it was organic, and saved me time and effort. However, she's very picky. She loves cold vegetables so she wouldn't eat any of the cooked ones, or she hates sauces so if it had sauce, she refused to eat it. I felt like I was wasting my money. I would easily spend $80 in grocery shopping, so why not just  save that money and make her lunches as well, plus  if I made her lunch, I would obviously know exactly what she's eating everyday.

The challenge I had was, her school is nut free. Peanut butter, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and other nuts are a huge part of her diet and are such good go-to snacks, so what do I do? I googled nut free school lunch ideas and came across this blog.  I automatically fell in love with her blog, she's also a processed free eater and has 2 daughters that she makes lunches for. I was so inspired/excited to make lunch for London(I know, I have no life lol.) She has so many tips and tricks, not only for school lunches, but for in home as well; my favorite being, home making things and freezing them for later, which I do ALL the time now. Any who, here goes my first set of school lunches for London. My goal was to have variety(which I failed lol) and to make her lunch colorful & have a good balance of fruits & veggies. She's pretty picky, so I would love to give her way more, but for a 4 year old, I'd say her palate is doing quite fine compared to other kids. I'll share my tips and tricks along the way as well (:

Homemade whole wheat english muffin "pizza" with provolone cheese & raw mushrooms & pineapples.
Snacks: Strawberries/bluberries & baby carrots. All organic.

"Make your own pitas" Cage free eggs w/ vegan mayo & whole wheat  pitas & baby carrots.Snacks: Apple sauce(1 ingredient) w/ chia seeds & frozen peas & corn. All organic.
The peas and corn defrost by her snack time, although she LOVES eating them frozen.

Amy's organic mac & cheese w/ frozen peas. Snacks: Sunflower butter sandwich on whole wheat flat bagel w/ veggie chips & baby carrots. Peas & carrot are organic. 

Veggie pasta w/ organic tuna & peas & corn. Oranges.
Snacks: Strawberries & baby carrots. Fruits & veggies are organic. 

Whole wheat sunflower butter sandwich w/ Annie's organic graham cracker bunnies(a treat) & organic pineapples.
Snack: Organic apple sauce & baby carrots.

Sandwiches are my lazy days lol. Sunflower butter on whole wheat, baby carrots & pineapples. Snacks: Strawberries & blueberries & cheese and whole wheat crackers.

Whole wheat & veggie pasta with raw mushrooms & parmesan cheese. Strawberries & blue berries. Snacks: Pineapples & baby carrots. Fruits & veggies are organic.

Whole wheat english muffin "pizza" with provolone & raw mushrooms(made the night before) & frozen broccoli. Snacks: Pineapples & baby carrots. Organic.

Free range, organic chicken breast nuggets with whole wheat breading, frozen peas & broccoli. Snacks: Peaches, baby carrots, cheese & whole wheat crackers. Organic.

Frozen smoothie(I don't remember what was in it, probably a mix of fruits & spinach. It melts & becomes a drinkable smoothie consistency by her lunch time.) Purchase molds here. Whole wheat sunflower butter sandwich w/ chia seeds & peaches. Snacks:frozen peas & cheese & whole wheat crackers. 

Homemade whole wheat pizza with pesto & mushrooms(made the night before.) Apples. Snacks: Banana & 2 ingredient sweet potato chips.

Today was a short day at school. Cheese quesadilla on 4 ingredient Trader joes tortillas(served hot.) Sweet potato chips(2 ingredient) & pineapples.

Whole wheat sandwich w/ sunflower butter & chia seeds. Annie's graham cracker bunnies & oranges. Snacks: banana & apple sauce(1 ingredient) w/ chia seeds.

Free range, organic chicken breast nuggets(served hot) w/ frozen organic peas. Snacks: Organic pears & oranges.

Cheese tortellini pasta with tomatoes, peas & parmesan cheese. Blue berries & pomegranate seeds. Snacks: Raisins & veggie chips. 

Homemade whole wheat waffle(defrosted from night before) with sunflower butter & organic oranges. Snacks: Pomegranate seeds & organic corn from the cob. 

Veggie pasta w/ organic tuna & corn. Pineapples. Snacks: cheese & whole wheat crackers & apple sauce(1 ingredient.)

Homemade whole wheat pizza(defrosted from night before) with pesto & tomatoes.  Organic apples.
Snacks: Organic frozen peas & corn, veggie chips.

Homemade whole wheat waffle(defrosted from night before) w/ sunflower butter & chia seeds, hard boiled cage free organic egg(made the night before) & organic oranges.
Snacks: banana & frozen cantaloupe.

Home made tomato soup w/ cheese tortellini(served hot) & organic blue corn Trader Joe's chips. Snacks: Organic pears & veggie cookies(Bitsy's Brainfood brand.)

Free range organic chicken breast nuggets(served hot) w/ raw organic mushrooms. Snacks: organic carrots & banana.

Frozen homemade fruit & veggie smoothie, sunflower butter & chia seeds on whole wheat pita  & organic edamame. Snacks: 2 ingredient sweet potato chips & raisins. 

Whole wheat/veggie pasta w/ raw organic mushrooms. Organic peaches & strawberries. Snacks: Organic Edamame & frozen peas, veggie cookies & raisins.

Home made whole wheat pizza w/ pesto & tomatoes(defrosted from night before), grapes & strawberries.
Snacks: Carrots & banana. All organic.

Baked organic zucchini "pizza" bites from dinner. Cheese & whole wheat crackers & grapes & blue berries. Snacks: frozen cantaloupe & banana.

Cheese quesadilla(4 ingredient TJ's whole wheat tortilla) served hot. Grapes & strawberries. Snacks: corn & oranges. All organic.

Free range organic chicken breast w/ organic carrots. Snack: grapes, blue berries & strawberries. All organic.

Homemade whole wheat waffles(defrosted from night before) w/ sunflower butter & chia seeds. Hard boiled cage free organic egg. Strawberries, grapes & blueberries. Snacks: cheese & graham cracker bunnies(a treat!) & organic carrots.

Home made veggie macaroni & cheese pasta(served hot) w/ organic apples. Snacks: Organic carrots & pumpkin seeds.

Whole wheat soy "bologna"(yves brand) sandwich w/ muenster cheese, organic carrots & grapes & blueberries. Snacks: pumpkin seeds & coconut, trade show dark chocolate granola(a treat.)

Free range, organic chicken breast w homemade organic sweet potato fries(served hot Snack: Banana & 
grapes & blueberries.

Grilled cheese on whole wheat bread(made fresh that morning & served hot) w/ grapes & blue berries.
Snacks: organic oranges & coconut, trade show dark chocolate granola(a treat.)

TJ's 4 ingredient whole wheat tortilla, cheese roll up w/ raw organic mushrooms & oranges. Snack: Banana & grapes/blueberries/strawberries.

Whole wheat & veggie pasta with raw mushrooms(very easy, go to meal, easy to prepare the night before) oranges.
Snacks: Banana & organic frozen broccoli. 

Whole wheat sandwich w/ vegan "bologna"(yves brand) & cheese, pumpkin seeds & organic pears. Snacks: frozen organic broccoli & raisins. 

TJ's 4 ingredient whole wheat tortilla, cheese roll up, frozen organic broccoli & pineapples. Snacks: banana & cinnamon pita chips( a treat!)

"Dinosaur sandwich" with whole wheat bread, yves brand vegan bologna & cheese.( I don't do shapes often bc I hate wasting food. She ate the bread crust after her breakfast.) Organic strawberries.
Snacks: Raisins & organic carrots. 

Tuna, whole wheat naan from TJ's, frozen organic broccoli. Snacks: TJs 1 ingredient organic applesauce & banana.

Homemade whole wheat pizza w/ tomatoes & pesto(defrosted from night before) organic strawberries & blue berries.
Snacks: organic apple & pumpkin seeds.

"Dinosaur sandwich" on whole wheat bread w/ sunflower butter & chia seeds. Cinnamon sunflower baked cookies(Somersaults brand) & organic oranges. Snacks: Organic strawberries & mixture of granola.

Free range organic chicken, organic strawberries & blueberries. Snacks: organic frozen peas & cheese & whole grain crackers.

I hope I've inspired some mother/father along the way to switch up their kids diet and replace processed foods with real, WHOLE foods. Comment below for any suggestions or feedback (:

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