Wednesday, September 30, 2015

London's School Lunches Part 2

I'm excited to share the second round of school lunches. Like I said in my last post, I'll be doing this monthly, at least, that's the goal.

My daughter is now in KINDERGARTEN. AHHHHHH. Anyway, lol, it's new to me so I wasn't sure how long lunch would be/how snacks would work out. The first day I packed a lot of food, just to see how it would go. Turns out, lunch time is a bit short and she says she never has enough time to finish it. It's 30 min long, which seems like TONS of time to me, but, of course, she's 5 years old surrounded by other 5 year olds. Playing/talking is probably what's occupying lunch time. She now gets one snack(instead of two like in VPK.) I try my best to give variety, so she's not eating the same thing everyday, put as much color as I can, balance out hot/cold meals, and to TRY and make it fun(if you read my last post, you saw some of my supplies.) Now that I'm part time at work instead of full time, money IS tighter. We eat pretty much, all organic(which costs more obviously.) I know the variety of her food might start changing because I'm going to try and find the best deals I can, instead of just buying everything like I used to.

Anyway, here are her lunches from the first day of school, August 24th, up until today, September 30th.

Lunch: Whole wheat, organic peanut butter and raw organic honey sandwich. Caprese salad(organic basil and tomatoes) organic grapes and blackberries.
Snack: Organic oranges, raw/organic cashews/pecans/almonds and walnuts.

Lunch: (hot) organic black beans and cheese dip with organic corn chips from TJ's, organic corn & sour cream to add on top.
Snack: organic apples & organic peanut butter.

Lunch: (hot) Organic whole wheat pasta with tuna & organic green beans. Organic grapes.
Snack: Homemade, organic whole wheat walnut/pecan mini muffins with organic blueberries.

Lunch: Whole wheat, dinosaur, veggie "bologna" sandwich, organic peppers with organic hummus. Vegan cookie dough bites made with almond/oat flour, for a treat.
Snack: Organic grapes.

Lunch: Organic whole wheat, provolone cheese wrap. Organic peas and organic oranges.
Snacks: Raw/organic pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews and Annie's brand "bunny snacks" for a treat.

Lunch: Whole wheat, butterfly, veggie "bologna" sandwich(she loves these, but I limit the fake "meat." Organic blueberries and raw/organic almonds and cashews.
Snack: Organic apple.

Lunch: Organic whole wheat pasta with organic peppers & organic broccoli. (Organic) strawberries and blackberries.
Snack: Clementines.

Lunch: (hot) Homemade, whole wheat cheese and artichoke pizza. Organic grapes & clementines.
Snack: Organic banana.

Lunch: Home made veggie sushi, made with quinoa, carrots, avocado, beets and nori(all organic) with honey mustard for dipping(she requested.) Organic strawberries and blueberries.
Snack: Homemade vegan peanut butter oatmeal cookies (SO GOOD) with TJ's cookie butter on top(she requested lol) as a treat.

She actually caught a virus this day, and didn't eat any of it(I DID lol)
Lunch: Veggie "bologna", provolone cheese, whole wheat crackers, organic hummus & organic carrots.(healthy lunchable)
Snack: Blueberries & blackberries(both organic)

Lunch: DIY TACO.TJ's whole wheat torillas with organic corn, cheese & organic, hormone/antibiotic free shredded chicken.
Snack: Home made vegan carrot cake, with vegan "cream cheese" frosting made out of cashews(SO GOOD) as a treat.

Lunch: Organic, hormone/antibiotic free chicken salad, made with vegan mayo, organic kiwi & whole wheat dinosaur bread.
Snack: Organic apples, organic peanut butter with hemp seeds & homemade, organic beet chips.

Lunch: Home made, whole wheat chicken(organic, hormone/antibiotic free) nuggets. Organic peaches, with organic brown sugar & organic soy milk(our favorite way to eat peaches) as a treat.
Snack: Traffic ligt celery sticks. Celery, hummus & peppers(all organic.)

Red/white quinoa, black beans & corn(all organic). Dragonfruit.
Snack: Organic red peppers & organic hummus.

Homemade, organic whole wheat mini muffins with pecans, walnuts and vegan choc chips(frozen, defrosted overnight.) Organic free range hard boiled egg. Organic kiwi.
Snack: White pomegranate seeds.

Lunch: TJ's whole wheat tortilla, tuna, & provolone wraps. Clementine/dragonfruit "flower" & Immaculate brand choc chip cookies for a treat.
Homemade, organic whole wheat mini muffins with pecans, walnuts and vegan choc chips & organic celery, organic peanut butter & hemp seeds.

Lunch: Organic whole wheat pasta with peppers, peas, spinach and feta cheese(all organic except cheese). Water melon balls.
Snack: Manzano banana 

Lunch: Cheese pizza(not homemade, pineapples.
Snack: Organic corn & organic peas.

Lunch: TJ's whole wheat pita, with organic, free range scrambled eggs & cheese & orangic spinach. Caprese salad with home made basil pesto(organic basil & tomatoes.)
Snack: Organic grapes & red dragon fruit.

Lunch: (hot)Homemade (organic) bean, corn & cheese empanada.
Snack: Organic nectarine with organic brown sugar & organic soy milk.

Home made whole wheat pita chips for (organic, hormone/antibiotic free) chicken salad, made with vegan mayo. Organic edamame, organic tomatoes & grated parmesan.
Snack: White pomegranate seeds & organic/raw almonds.

Lunch: Italian bread with cheese, artichoke & organic, hormone/antibiotic free chicken. Organic pears.
Snack: Organic edamame & a cheese stick.

Lunch: (hot)Tj's mozzarella sticks and organic kiwi.
Snack: Organic apple.

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London's School Lunch Supplies

So, I've done one post in the past about London's lunch and a couple on nutrition. My goal is to do a monthly post on London's lunches for that month. School started August 24th, so I started it on that day, up until September 30th(today.) Going forward, it'll be for the entire month. My main source where I post all of my food, is on my FaceBook, which I keep private, so I'm thinking of posting it here or on Instagram as well(I have some on there.)

Anyway, I'm going to site my lunch supplies this time to show what's worked best for me.

Here are the BASICS.

I LOVE looking at what other parents pack for their kids lunch/what supplies they use(yeah, I'm weird lol.) I noticed the vast majority use these EasyLunchBoxes. They seem great, however, I wanted more variety and they're NOT leak  proof, which is a huge no-no to me because London's lunch box stands vertically. After browsing a bunch of sites online, I headed over to target and found these LunchBlox Kits by Rubbermaid. 
I have this exact model, the pink version of this, and the sandwich kits as well!
They're reasonably priced, BPA free, have TONS of options/can hold A LOT, and come with ice trays. I love that there's separate containers(the big one with two trays KEEPS the food in it's own trays.) When I was looking, she was in VPK and and had one lunch and two snack times, so having everything separated was awesome. 

I also like to give a hot lunch every now and then as well, the 10 oz Funtainer is pretty standard and perfect for what we need.

It keeps food hot for 5 hours and cold for 7 hours. I make her lunch around 6/7 am and her lunch is at 10am so it's perfect. 

For her drink, it's ALWAYS water. I use the Funtainer brand again for her thermos. 
This Jurassic World one is actually her favorite. She get's mad if it's anything else! lol

It keeps it cold for 12 hours and holds 12 oz. Again, it's pretty standard. What I love about this thermos, is that it doesn't leak or SWEAT like most bottles do when a cold liquid is inside. What I dislike(because I'm a germ freak) is that you have to use a straw to drink it. I don't think it's sanitary to drink out of the same straw everyday. I just make sure to clean it everyday, thankfully all the parts come off, and I use a baby bottle cleaner to clean it out. I would prefer something like this however, they do sweat, which is a no-no.

Now, last for the basics, is her lunch bag! Since I chose the LunchBlox to store her food, she needed something that could actually hold them perfectly. I was in target with the LunchBlox containers and "tried out" some of the lunch bags with them lol. The one that I liked the most was the Embark lunch satchel
She has the purple and grey.
It fit all of her 
containers, easy to clean, has a compartment in the front and one on the side for her bottle, and easy for her to carry. I've had it for about a year now and it's still perfectly fine!

Now, for fun(fun to me lol) stuff.

I try not to spend a lot of money on stuff that isn't NEEDED. I would love for her lunch to be creative and cute all the time, but, it's not, it's healthy and that's what matters the most. I've gotten a few supplies that's just for fun, but sometimes actually pretty useful. 

My favorite are these and these
I use them to separate food(I've seen it all over, can't take credit for that.) I have both sizes and love them! The only thing is, with the lunch containers I use, if there's smaller pieces of food, or liquid items, they will spill out a bit. Not sure how it works with other containers though.

Other items are food pickssandwich cutterssmoothie molds and a melon baller. 

We have the dinosaur and butterfly.
I'll freeze the smoothie in these and put in her lunch box, straight from the freezer. It's semi defrosted by lunch time, so it's a somewhat popsicle/smoothie. The cap DOES need to be secured on, so I make sure its wedged in tight so it doesn't move/spill.
Kids eat first with their eyes, so sometimes fun shapes or tools to eat their food is helpful. I would love food shape cutters, for cheese and fruit, but I haven't wanted to spend the money on them.

So these are the items that I use and are happy with. Let me know if you have any questions and what you guys use as well! And look out for another post of WHAT I'm feeding her!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015


This shoot was probably one of the most miserable. It was HOT. Like, ridiculously hot. Towards the end, my face was shiny in pics from sweating so much lol. Anyway, finding time to shoot/blog is harder now with two kids. I spend my days with them/work on jewelry. My 5 year old starts KINDERGARTEN tomorrow, so I should get some more shoots in and expect some more school lunch photos!

Bag/Shirt: Nasty Gal
Bracelets/Hat: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Necklace/Rings: Shop Luna Marie

I generally never know what I'm doing lol.

Still rocking my 5s.

I've always hated my crooked/gummy smile, but hey, embrace yourself and learn to love yourself.

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